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Remove them as soon you realize that its not going on its own. Warts can spread quickly to other areas of the body as well as to other family members. Pray it doesn't affect your children. Safe Hyfrecator Conmed 2000 wart removal at Indian Skin will give you a very comfortable experience


All types of moles, Congenital & Aquired are removed at Indian Skin Clinic, Nagpur by Dr Ayesha Faizan.

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Molluscum Contagiosum

A viral infection most common in children and can affect adults too and quickly spreads through the body. Very stubborn and can take ages to be treated with medicines alone. We have very affectional staff and therapist who will help your children have a very joyful experience.

Skin Tag

These little skintags are not bothersome to many but can become a devil if they get entangled in your clothing or your comb ( yes they can be present in your scalp!). Wise is who gets them removed. At Indian Skin, we aim at the aesthetics of the treatment.

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Seborrheic Keratosis

These sun spots are signs of aging and can be seen on the face, neck arms and legs. They all can be safely removed to restore your Youth. Rare chances to get converted into cancer.


Hereditary Skin Tags present on Face, Neck, Chest, Trunk. You can get them removed before they become huge. We safely remove them with Hyfrecator COnmed 2000.

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  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
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