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Medical Treatments

Fungal Infection

Common in all households because of Lack of knowledge and today considered as an ENDEMIC condition. Get proper treatment and Guidance by Dr Ayesha Faizan .


White Patch  on skin and Body is successfully treated here. Vitiligo surgeries are also carried out here for Stable Vitiligo of more than 6 months duration for areas where hair follicles are not present


Common Condition affecting the Scalp, Body, Nails. It can be appropriately managed with the help of medicines and Compliance on the part of the patient.


Excessive sweating in the Underarms, palms, soles and body can be managed by medical and procedure treatments too.


Disown your eczemas with simple Tips from Dermatologist Dr Ayesha Faizan. Get Appropriate treatment for your condition.


Know how to take care of any cuts, and marks after injury to prevent Pigmentation and Elevated or Deppressed Scars. We do have treatment for the sequelae.


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  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
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