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Facial Contouring

In the quest for more sculpted cheek bones or a well-defined chin, contouring with makeup can go a long way. That being said, if you're seeking more dramatic—and/or long-lasting—results, there are a number of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures that can go a long way towards subtly changing and re-shaping the contours of your face.

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Siax aka Botox 

Softening the muscles of expressions can release the tension within the facial muscles causing the frown, dimpled chin, Bunny Nose, too much of Gum show while smiling, Eye Wrinkles thus giving a more Warmth and Charm to the Face.


Korean Threadlift

If you are looking to Pull up that sagging skin and acclaim the look of Youth, Korea needn't be your destination anymore as the same service is provided at Indian Skin Clinic, Nagpur



V Face Treatment

Square Jaw, Excessive clenching of teeth during sleep or by habit can aggravate the cheek muscles which can be shrunk with the help of our V Shape Treatment.


Jawline Contouring

To get the Perfect Jaw a careful assessment by our Dermatologist Dr. Ayesha Faizan is required. A tailor made treatment is advised accordingly.



Double Chin Correction

Aging or no Aging, sub mental fat is problematic to many. Deoxycholic acid is known to dissolve fat leading to a more leaner face profile. Additional Sugar Threads can amplify the results.


Fox Eye Treatment

If your eyes are droopy all the time, or you are just looking to enhance your eyebrows, the Fox Eye Treatment can be sought out for.

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Lip Volumising

Loss of Lip volume can be corrected with Lip Volumizing Treatments like the Lip flip and Fusion Lips treatment available at Indian Skin Clinic, Nagpur. Hyaluronic acid Fillers are a great way to add subtle volume to your lips.


Downturn Mouth Correction

A step wise approach can leave you happy all the time. It is known that assumptions about rude personality is made because of this downturned facial expression. You can get that corrected! at Indian Skin Clinic, Nagpur.



Twilight Facial

Intense Collagen Stimulation perfecting the facial volumisation , tightening, pore contraction as well as Skin Brightening, Lightening and Radiant Skin


Nose Shaping

Liquid Nose lift is a quick in - office procedure for enhancing the nose.

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Naso Labial Folds

Lunch Time Procedure, the Revamp treatment lifts the sagging face, and lightens the load of the facial muscles on the central face leading to a more slim face profile and less obvious naso labial fold.


Collagen Lift Facial

Medifacial with an Anti - Aging benefit. Radio Frequency based Collagen Tightening for a smoother, even textured skin tone.

  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
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