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Chemical Peeling

High concentrated fruit derived acids are applied on the skin for a certain period of time. Due to its deep penetrative properties, it is able to traverse the skin barrier and directly have its effects on the underlying skin cells like melanin.

Give your skin the Best Peeling Experience in Nagpur by our Best Dermatologist Dr Ayesha Faizan

What are the Chemical Peels you are using?

We use all Medical Grade and imported Peels which have years of research behind them. Each peel have been carefully selected by the doctor and have been personally tested.

Who can get it done?

Anyone desiring skin treatments can get them done except someone who has been applying steroids for a long duration. Remember a chemical peel treats superficial irregularities not Deep Acne Scars

Is it Safe?

Yes! Be assured. Your dermatologist is taking care of your skin.



Fresh look Peel

To boost the efficacy of the Homecare Products you are currently using or Prescribed by your Dermatologist, Freshlook peel can do wonders to your Acne & Blemishes


Sparkle Peel

The Priority Peel for all Skin of Color - The Sparkle Peel. The most Affordable Pigmentation Peeling for Indian Skin Tones. Comfortable and Powerful peeling solution too all types of Pigmentation



Gold Peel

Sparkle Peel to the Next Level. A robust peeling for major Pigmentary issues all Indian Skin faces.  A Blend of different peels for maximum efficacy.


Xcel Peel

Made in Spain, a Kit Peel which comes with a Night Routine cream for Ethnic Skin Tone. A Melasma, Stubborn Pigmentation, Perioral Pigmentation Lightening Tool.




Celebrity Peel for Intense and Deep Pigmentation including Melasma, Acne Marks, Early Signs of Aging and Rejuvenation. 

  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
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