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Blue Toning

Achieve the look you want be it before a Party, before your Wedding, or just because you believe YOU deserve to be great!!

All About Blue Toning

This rejuvenation treatment is used for skin lightening, brightening, glow and tone. In this treatment called as Blue Toning , a single pass of IRIS-1064nm QS laser is given all over the face and neck. It is followed by the application of a brightening serum and modelling mask to enhance the results. Our Blue Toning Laser Facial treatment is used for treating dark spots, uneven skin tone, blemishes, and sun-damaged skin. Our Blue Toning  treatment gives an instant glow to the skin with no downtime. It’s an ideal procedure to do before any important function or wedding.

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  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
  • Dr Ayesha Faizan | Indian Skin Clinic
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